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Masterpiece Style 18650 / 20700 Mech Mod Kit with Warhead Style RDA

Masterpiece Style 18650 / 20700 Mech Mod Kit with Warhead Style RDA
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Masterpiece Style Mech Mod Kit, powered by an extra 18650 / 20700 battery, consists of the?Masterpiece Style Mech Mod and Warhead Style RDA, bringing you not only a strong power but also diverse?taste experiences benefited from the rich airflow?system on the side. With the assistant of triple posts on the deck, you can install and remove the coil with less effort for completing or maintaining the RDA. 4?colors optional.

Main Features:?
1.?Compatible with single 18650 / 20700 battery, effortless to match up
2.?Tri-post coil deck, simplify the assembly and disassembly of the coil
3. Adjustable side airflow system with a wide slot and 5 air holes, available for dense vapor

4. Groove design on the surface, increase friction between the device and your palm, resistant to slip and lose


Masterpiece Style Mech Mod
Material: Brass / copper / stainless steel

Battery:?1?x 18650 / 20700 ( Not included )????
Warhead Style RDA
Material: Brass / copper / stainless steel
Diameter: 30mm
Thread: 510?

Product?Size: 14.2 x?3?x 3cm??
Package Size:?13?x?8?x 5cm ?
Product?Weight: 0.3kg
Package Weight: 0.33kg

Package Contents:
1?x Mod, 1 x RDA

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