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Kindbright Reborn Style RDTA 316SS 22mm 2ml

Kindbright Reborn Style RDTA 316SS 22mm 2ml
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Kindbright Reborn Style RDTA is accompanied by a?single coil deck, bound to turn the 2ml liquid into a pleasant taste in the shortest time with centralized heating. It adopts the 316 stainless steel, well-behaved in keeping the rebuildable atomizer consistent performance even after long-term use.

Main Features:
1. 2ml juice capacity, access to experience more fresh flavors with less waste
2. Single coil configuration, available for a centralized heating effect
3. Adjustable top-side airflow system, act on dissipating the extra heat for a mellow taste
4. 316 stainless steel construction, superior in the excellent corrosion resistance

Brand: Kindbright
Material:?316 stainless steel + PC
Juice Capacity: 2ml
Diameter: 22mm
Thread: 510
Product Size:?2.2 x?2.2 x 4cm

Package Size:?6 x?3 x 3cm
Product Weight: 0.042kg
Package Weight: 0.06kg

Package Contents:?
1 x?RDTA, 1 x Accessory Pack

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