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G-TASTE Aries 30 RTA 10ml

G-TASTE Aries 30 RTA 10ml
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G-TASTE Aries 30 RTA makes a masterpiece with a 10ml large capacity and 12-level adjustable airflow system, which is accessible to an optimal flavor and vapor. You?can decide to build dual or triple coils on the deck for an impressive vaping?experience.

Main Features:
1. Side airflow system with 12-level controllable design, around the coils, available for a thickened vapor and taste
2. Top filling setting, simplify the refilling
3. Dual and triple coils building optional, expand the heating area and enhance the flavor
4. 10ml large capacity, provide you with a feast of vaping
5. 6ml spare tube, more suitable for those who are quitting smoking

Model:?G-TASTE Aries 30
Material: Stainless steel
Deck Diameter: 30mm
Capacity: 10ml ( A 6ml spare tube included )
Thread: 510
Product Size: 5.8 x 3?x?3 cm
Package Size:?10 x?6 x?5 cm
Product Weight: 0.063 kg
Package Weight: 0.18 kg

Package Contents:
1?x?Aries 30 RTA (10ml), 1 x 6ml Spare Glass Tube, 1 x Chimney Extender, 1 x Chimney?Key, 1 x 810 Drip Tip(amber), 1 x 810 Drip Tip (resin), 1 x Allen Key, 1 x Pack Of Spare Part, 1 x User Manual

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