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Vaporesso OSMALL AIO Starter Kit 11W 350mAh 2ml

Vaporesso OSMALL AIO Starter Kit 11W 350mAh 2ml
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Vaporesso OSMALL AIO Starter Kit 11W 350mAh 2ml

Vaporesso OSMALL 11W AIO Starter Kit wins with stable performance, pure taste, ease of use and portability. Housing a 350mAh battery, the Vaporesso OSMALL AIO Starter Kit may be regrettable in lasting an overlong vaping but decent to satisfy you with an immersing one. Besides, you would capture a strong flavor to enhance your intoxicating taste benefited from the cotton coil. Another one worthy to be mentioned is the textured design, which perfectly avoids skipping, losing and uncomfortable holding when there are sweat, water or something slippery in your hand.? 8 colors optional.

Quick Link: Vaporesso OSMALL Replacement Regular Pod Cartridge 2PCs

Main Features:
1. Pre-built 350mAh battery, support recharging by a micro USB port
2. Multiple protections, escort a safe and stable vaping
3. Cotton coil inside, available for a dense taste
4. Textured surface, better to keep it steady in your hand
5.?Compact and lightweight, easy to carry with you

Brand: Vaporesso
Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Output Power: 11W
Charging: Micro USB port
Charging Current: 0.5A
Pod Capacity: 2ml
Coil Resistance: 1.2ohm
Product?Size:?2.65 x?1.34?x 8.42cm
Package Size:?13 x?7 x 5cm
Product Weight: 0.05kg
Package Weight: 0.1kg

Package Contents:
1?x?OSMALL Battery, 1?x 1.2ohm Regular Pod, 1 x USB Cable, 1?x User Manual, 1?x Warranty Card

Vaporesso OSMALL AIO Starter Kit 11W 350mAh 2ml 8 Colors ChooseFlax Cotton & Non-Woven FabricsVaporesso OSMALL AIO Starter Kit Compact & TexturedVaporesso OSMALL AIO Starter Kit Multiple Protections

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