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Negus Style 18650 Mech Mod Kit

Negus Style 18650 Mech Mod Kit
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Negus Style 18650 Mech Mod Kit?arranges the sparkling resin filler to the polished brass mesh over the?slender Mech Mod and RDA, making it an exquisite collection except for its?original significance. It requires you to install an external 18650 battery to release direct power and strong taste. 3 colors optional.

The resin part may slightly vary in color for each product.

Main Features:?
1.?Powered by an extra 18650 battery, available for a lasting and powerful vaping
2.?Diamond-style appearance, more exquisite than a plain vaping device
3.?Spring switch on the bottom, handy to use
4.?Polished brass construction with resin filling, durable and delicate?

Material:?Brass + resin
Battery:?1?x 18650?( Not included )??
Diameter: 24mm
Thread: 510?

Product?Size:?2.4 x 2.4 x 12.9cm??
Package Size:?12 x?7 x 5cm ?
Product?Weight: 0.196kg
Package Weight: 0.22kg

Package Contents:
1?x Mod, 1 x RDA, 1 x Pack of Accessory

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